Our Story

Bike Distribution

Birdy is manufactured by the award-winning Pacific Cycles through state of the art technology. Birdy Bikes have been distributed in Australia for more than 30 years. We are passionate about our Birdys - as are the 10,000 new riders to Birdys each year. Birdys are the folding bike market leader. They are pure quality. They are built for a lifetime of use. The apparent simplicity of the Birdy serves only to highlight the brilliance of the engineering and design that make the Birdy a safe and simple bike, whilst utilising Birdy's many sophisticated and refined design elements. For instance the overall rigidity of the Birdy is achieved through a holistic approach including by adopting large diameter stems and handlebars-, as well as the quadruple clamp for forward stability.

Smaller Folded Size

The Birdy’s new monocoque frame has achieved a lower centre of gravity and increased riding stability by lowering the bottom bracket height. The brilliant full suspension works to maintain contact with the ground on poor roads and keeps the rider in control.

Pacific Cycles

Pacific Cycles has long been recognized for creating and developing extraordinary products. Along the way, the company has often taken a different path than most other bicycle manufacturers, coming up with creative, no-nonsense solutions, rather than just following trends.

Highly principled and innovative manufacturer

Pacific Cycles is a highly principled and innovative manufacturer with the highest of standards. In addition to manufacturing the Birdy range, Pacific design and manufacture Supportive Bikes for the physically challenged rider including a range of handcycles, and three and four wheelers. Section Zero is Pacific Cycles’ in-house creative design studio. Comprised of cutting-edge designers and engineers, each team member brings a unique and valuable skill set to the equation. Section Zero consists of real cycling enthusiasts with experience not only in design and manufacturing, but also with the market itself. Sharing this love of cycling and a common ideal of outside-the-box thinking, they continue to generate atypical yet extremely practical and efficient cycling products.